Business Valuation – Financial Management Part 1

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In this video, Business Valuation – Financial Management Part 1, Nhyira Premium explains one of the fundamental topics in Financial Management and Advanced Financial Management.

In this lecture, Nhyira Premium explains the following:
Valuation of equity, valuation of securities, business valuation techniques, business valuation methods, the valuation of mergers and price earnings method of valuation.

This video is certainly for students preparing for the ACCA F9 and ACCA P4 examination as well as students of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG) studying Financial Management and Advanced Financial Management.

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Please note that all materials in this video are from the books of Nhyira Premium and you can check them here

Nhyira Premium is a Trained and Certified Lecturer with many years of experience both in the Corporate World and the Education Industry. He is the Managing Partner at Premium Education Hub, LLC, the Creator of NHYIRAPREMIUMUNIVERISTY.COM, a published Author of eleven (11) Business Books based on the ACCA – UK & ICAG professional qualification examination syllabi.


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